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Over several decades we are using the databases and the related areas in various fields in one form or the other. We have seen several evolutions in the growth of the field of database. Today we have so many versions, so many vendors and so many open sources in databases. Most of the businesses cannot happen without databases. Though we have so many variations in the way the databases work and related technologies, it still heavily needs experts in the field of database, especially the conventional databases like relational, object, parallel and distributed database.

We can relate the following list of jobs directly with Databases;

Database administrator is a professional responsible for installing, configuring, monitoring, securing and maintaining a database or set of databases of an organization. Smaller organizations may have one DBA, and larger organizations may have more number of DBAs according to the size and the number of subsystems to be maintained, etc. 

Database developer is a professional who develops anomaly free and most optimized database for the organization. 

Data analyst is a professional who performs the analysis, running various mathematical calculations to determine how the data samples might best be applied to profit the business.

Database designer/architect is a professional who designs the complete database including the schemas, various stages of database life cycle, data partitions, etc. 

Business intelligence Specialist is responsible for aggregating data from multiple sources in an efficient data warehouse and designing enterprise-level solutions for very large multidimensional databases. Also, he is responsible for leading the strategic design and maintenance of business intelligence applications.

Data warehousing specialist designs the data warehouse. He is also responsible for designing, implementing, maintaining, or operating data warehouse systems to balance optimization of data access with batch loading and resource utilization factors, according to customer requirements. Also, they are responsible for Extracting, Transforming and Loading the data into data warehouse, and many more warehouse.

Data quality manager ensures the quality of data stored in a data warehouse. Quality data is the most helpful one for the case of analysis to improve the business.

Database programmer is a professional who writes database codes like Triggers, Procedures, Functions, etc., performs quality checks and designs the protocols of enterprise access to a database or data warehouse environment. In the emerged fields like data warehousing and the business intelligence, database programmers may work with Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems in the case of traditional RDBMSs, or Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems for analyzing the data in the case of enterprise data warehouse systems. 

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There are many more jobs that are directly related to the field of databases. As a whole, we can say that the job is named based on the overall or specific requirements. That is, a small company with small sized database may employ one DBA, at the same time a large organization may need more people to work on various aspects of data and database.

In the whole IT industry, the Database industry has its own share of employment. To get into a job which is very much related to database we need some qualifications. They are;
Proper education (different levels of education for different roles),

Experience (previous industry experience in database and related areas), and
Professional certifications (the certification programs offered by database vendors).

In this post, I am about to discuss various major DBMSs vendors in the database industry and the certification programs they offer.

We shall discuss the jobs for which any of the Database certification is very much essential.
Database administrator
Database developer
Data analyst/designer
Data mining/Business intelligence
Data warehousing specialist 

You can  find more on Jobs and Salaries here.

List of Certification programs offered by various popular DBMS vendors;

3. IBM Certification
4. MySQL Certification

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